Who to meet at DMexco – performance marketing? email marketing?

Wednesday September 3rd, 2014

DMexco in Cologne (Germany) is one of the many online marketing events in Europe where Fruzzel and Karabanga are present to talk with advertisers and publishers. Our company has several german customers, like Zalando and Westwing. Those companies are looking for clicks (CPC), email marketing (CPM), lead generation (CPL) or sales (CPA) in one or more countries in Europe and abroad. At Fruzzel we also manage campaigns in other parts of the world. Recently we had online marketing campaigns South-America (like in Argentina – Brasil and Colombia), Russia and Australia.

This summer, even during the holidays, our companies had many new requests from advertisers. and registered in our campaign network several new international operating publishers for campaigns on CPC CPL and CPM. Re-marketing is one of the services that Fruzzel offers in combination with email marketing, to increase the conversion rates at the landingpage of the customer. This is about real performing in performance marketing!

To the end of this year, like each year, in the Netherlands campaigns of health insurances (zorgverzekeringen, is this called in Dutch) are one of the main targets for online advertisement. WIth many years of experience in this field, Fruzzel is a partner for several health insurances to generate leads and new customers.

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