What we do

Online Marketing Agency Fruzzel is an Online Marketing Agency with clients in many countries worldwide. For our clients we deliver traffic, leads and new customers. Our company has many years of experience in online marketing, experience we use for our clients to get the best results for their online marketing campaigns. Clients include companies like Zalando, inkClub, Vistaprint, Vueling, Westwing and Delta Lloyd. Contact us for more information and a proposal for your company.
Email Marketing For our clients we buy Email Marketing, on CPM basis. Large volumes available in all Europe, Latin America and more. Targetting possible on country, region, gender, age, interests of the consumer (depending on country).
Marketing Campaigns Performance Marketing Campaigns CPL or CPA in many countries worldwide, where we select one or more networks to promote the performance marketing campaign. Our team of campaign managers communicates with affiliates who promote the campaign, for optimal online marketing results.
Karabanga.com Publisher(affiliate) Part of the Fruzzel Group is the Karabanga.com Publisher (affiliate) network, where we connect international top publishers and advertisers. Here clients also include marketing agencies like Havas and Quisma, since Karabanga.com manages the campaign delivery for webmarketing agencies on CPM or CPL pay-out models.