The rules to follow if you decide to get into email marketing

Tuesday September 17th, 2013

Online Marketing is born self-evident: the email is the flagship tool of the 21st century. According to, more than 100 billion emails are sent every year on average.

The challenge for online marketers is to manage the spam rate. For this reason, the great marketing guru of marketing Seth Godin recommend to go to Permission Marketing, a type of marketing requiring prior permission from the person before receiving any mail.

In such a case, it’s necessary to be extremely careful about the techniques used when sending emails. In a context where the methods of spam filtering keep growing, it’s essential to follow some basic rules.

A database must be updated. Otherwise, the risk of bounce rate (to differentiate from spam rate, they are mails which don’t arrive temporarily at destination) is too high. Marketers know that a campaign with a significant bounce rate and abusively sent to the same address may cause a bad reputation among domain names like Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail or others. That is why it is important to “test” the mails on a smaller segment before sending it massively.

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