The importance of SEO in online marketing operations

Tuesday September 3rd, 2013

Concerning the management of a website, underestimating the importance of SEO would be a terrible mistake. Search Engine Optimization is essential to give exposure to websites. Those who underestimate this discipline are often the firsts to have no visibility on the web.

How to improve its position on Google? There are a lot of ways to get there. It’s possible to improve its website as such (on page) and mention it on external sites (off page). If there is one rule to follow, it’s this one : do not create duplicate content. All SEO experts know that publishing articles on press releases sites means automatically they must provide relevant content (with 1 or 2 ideas) which is not a copy/paste of another article located somewhere else on the internet. Deviating from the rule is really tough. Google bots are in the most cases more vivid and powerful than we might think.

At this advice, we could also add a lot of other “rules” to follow like offer quality content on the site. If it has to reach a good position on Google, it’s obvious that the purpose of the site should interest a majority of people. But also provide quality links, find an original way to get information, the use of social networks, and so on. For further advice about optimizing websites, the Google engineer Matt Cutts is a reference in the field. He often gives good advice on how to reference and he is very present on the media sphere. His videos and articles are great qualities for webmasters and marketeers who would want to get into the SEO of their website.

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