Germany: email / online marketing trends at exhibition

Friday May 30th, 2014

The 13th and 14th of May 2014 we met our German and international partners at email expo 2014 in the Messe Frankfurt, We where pleased to meet more companies working in the field of email marketing in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. At Fruzzel we want to work with professionals in email marketing to deliver optimal result for our clients.

With several Spanish tourism clients the German market is very interesting. since Spain is a popular holiday destination. Internet is very popular when booking a holiday for holiday goers in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom.

We at Fruzzel can offer hotels, airlines, resorts, golf courses, beach destinations, cities and regions possibilities to buy online marketing exposure at our german publishers. This can be email marketing, Facebook exposure, display or even Twitter marketing.

Several advertisers visiting the email expo where interested to start lead campaigns targeted on Germany, but also for countries like France Spain and Italy, in the publisher network. The number of campaigns CPL in the network is growing and so does the number of professional publishers connected to the network.


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