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Fruzzel announces take over assets Testnet – Netherlands

Wednesday January 2nd, 2013

The board of directors of Fruzzel approved an offer for the assets of Testnet Holding BV in The Netherlands. After buying the business of Testnet BVBA (Belgium) out of bankruptcy, the company also decided to make an offer for the business and assets of the Dutch part of Testnet. This offer is accepted.

For Fruzzel the Netherlands is one of the main markets, next to Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Poland and the Czech Republic. Lead generation services are provided to leading companies over Europe, like the eCommerce and Automotive industry. In may 2012 Fruzzel was one of the Sponsors of the Affiliateday in The Netherlands (in Dutch ´Affiliatedag´).

Fruzzel is an international company based on Internet Marketing, with a focus on generating leads and sales through email marketing, websites and social media. The company is expanding it’s business with a Pan-European perspective. The European Headquarters is located in Spain.

Note to Creditors: Since the company (legal entity) was not taken over by Fruzzel and only it’s assets creditors will have to contact the Official Receiver of Testnet Holding BV.

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