#Fail and #Success in lead generation campaigns

Wednesday October 29th, 2014


A multi-national company launching a lead (sample) campaign for their toothpaste brand had an advertising agency make a very creative landing page. Thumbs up for the creativity! Not only with this lead campaign, many more loose the effectiveness of getting customers to register for the ‘lead’ objective. Unnecessary questions that result in a drop of the conversion rate is a problem for realizing the volume of leads at the end of the campaign. Or a too ‘flashy’ design that doesn’t have a fast download speed. With lead generation you are part of a process from campaign creation, campaign delivery and at the follow up of the leads. Only when the lead generation campaign is seen as a process it will become a success.

As our company is specialized in campaign delivery we as Fruzzel.com have advertisers and agencies sending us landing pages the whole year around, in many countries worldwide and targeted on all kinds of target audiences. Students in the UK, ‘pensionados’ in Spain, women in Colombia or golf players in Germany – you name it and we get a campaign for it to deliver the clicks or leads.

Campaign Optimization

A question to ask yourself: What would a customer expect from your landing page? The customer has an expectation when clicking on your banner or email template (with email marketing) to the landing page. This expectation, thoughts of the customer visiting your landing page, should be leading for the end result of the landing page. Off course creativity is  important, but only with keeping in mind that at the end of the campaign there has to be a good result. You want to send out enough samples, get enough test drive requests, enough newsletter registrations or information requests to follow up by your call center.

Some campaigns are even hard to get through for an experienced professional in lead generation as myself. For a Swiss region (tourism board) we got a request to promote a lead campaign, it could be very successful in terms of volume of leads. Only making your own brochure was too complicated and then the CPL rate is too low for a good eCPM result for the publishers to take on the campaign. Those publishers are not companies you just order to do something, many are professional businesses looking for maximum result of their newsletter, app, website or social media. For this they need an eCPM result that would be the same or higher then the other campaigns they can promote.

Email marketing traffic buying on a CPM rate is an attractive alternative in many cases, since the publisher has a guaranteed revenue and the advertiser a guaranteed traffic to the landing page.  A big advantage for an advertiser is that you can plan and expect to have traffic on one certain moment in time.


As an agency or advertiser you could contact the company, like Fruzzel.com, that you expect to do the campaign delivery not at the moment when everything is finished, but during the process of finalizing the creatives of your online marketing campaign. This can avoid problems with the objectives in clicks or leads at the end of the campaign period. In a co-operation we can find the best payment model for the campaign (CPM, CPC, CPL and CPA).

When creating a campaign for an other country, where you are not a native from, all materials should be checked by a native speaker. Not only to check if you use the correct words and spelling, but also to see if in this country the ‘language culture’ allows you to present it the way you do. This is also a service we offer to customers, we ask our local contacts to look at the landing page and give feedback.

During the campaign period for the tooth paste the landing page had to be changed. Only to make it as easy as possible to register for the sample. This was the only way of getting the needed volume of leads for the sampling campaign. Better think about this before, to balance the creativity (branding) and the need for leads.

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