eMagazine: Your email marketing or lead generation campaign?

Tuesday May 20th, 2014

This edition of the eMagazine you can read about Fruzzel and Karabanga.com, since this edition included the marketing online dossier. Since we are specialists in online marketing it was great to be included in the eMagazine, to tell about performance marketing – email marketing and lead generation.

Many readers will not know that in email marketing there are lots of marketing opportunities. Website owners manage newsletters where advertisers can buy advertisement space. Or send a special newsletter with your offer to their subscribers. Target options like age, gender, country and interest give marketeers a way to target the right audience.

For example a travel website in Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom or Belgium where a hotel company, airline or golf resort their services. The potential reach is more then a million subscribers to these newsletters. When you include re-targeting in your internet marketing strategy this way of email marketing has a maximum effect.

The Karabanga.com publisher network is also in this edition of the eMagazine, as international operating for campaign delivery on CPM CPL CPC. Advertisers and agencies turn to Karabanga for the distribution of their email marketing campaign or lead campaign. For tourism agencies – hotel chains – airlines – insurance companies – eCommerce companies.

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