CPM email marketing: target opportunities

Monday April 14th, 2014

Clients at Fruzzel like tourism agencies, airlines and commerce companies want to target potential customers by email marketing. Fruzzel uses the Karabanga.com publisher network (part of the Fruzzel Group) to target users in certain countries and with further targeting options like gender, age and interest. Contact us for a proposal.

With the large experience in email marketing our experts at Fruzzel have a worldwide network of newsletters and databases to choose from. Western Europe like Belgium, Germany, France, Spain and Netherlands but also countries like Russia, Czech Republic, Rumania and Poland. Or Argentina, China and any other country worldwide.

If a travel company wants to buy the CPM email marketing, at Fruzzel we can target users in region around an airport. Or in our travel network, we can target websites and databases with travel interest.

When buying email marketing you can combine this with re-targeting of the visitors. Big advantage is that with CPM email marketing you know people who open the email are interested in your product. Also you can get traffic in a short period of time, without waiting on results of bidding in a platform like Google Adwords or Real Time Bidding. And have users to follow-up and convert in a sale on your website or webshop.

Use CPM email marketing in combination with your other online marketing activities like Facebook ads, Google Adwords, Real Time Bidding, Lead Generation and optimize the effect with analytics tools available.

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